Standardized Test Tutoring Boston

Whether your child is preparing to enter a private middle school or high school, or they're preparing to head to college, testing is key to being admitted. Unfortunately, it's not always good enough to just be smart, and sometimes learning disabilities can stand between a student and their true potential. It's at these points that mentorship and test prep can make students really shine.

We offer:

  • ISEE Tutoring in Boston and Surrounding Suburbs
  • SSAT Tutoring in Boston and Surrounding Suburbs
  • SAT Tutoring in Boston and Surrounding Suburbs
  • ACT Tutoring in Boston and Surrounding Suburbs
  • Executive Function training in Boston and Surrounding Suburbs

Test Prep Sessions

Sessions are tailored to your student's needs and can be at home or somewhere else nearby where your child is comfortable studying. Any academic accommodations will also be made if necessary.

Generally, we recommend:

  • At least 8 weeks worth of test prep sessions; this can be tailored for longer or shorter amounts of time.
  • Students meet with their mentor 1 or 2 times per week.
  • Sessions last about 90 minutes, although older students can extend that to a full 2 hours.

We also provide mock exams. By crafting a real testing experience, students can participate in a dry run of the test to not only find their weak points, but to learn to be comfortable and confident in the test setting.

What is Executive Function training?

"Executive function" (or EF) refers to the brain's ability to process ideas, craft a plan of action, make decisions, and follow through with that plan. It's also what allows us to avoid distraction and stay focused on specific tasks. The developing brain is still building those pathways through adolescence.

The mental processes involved in EF need to be trained in the same way students learn academic content, whether they have straight A's or they have a learning disability. It is our belief that test prep and EF should be taught synergistically.

It is just as important for a student to learn how to learn as it is to learn academic content.

Why choose Third Space Mentors?

  • Convenience

    All of our services are provided in-home or at a local library, coffee shop, or wherever you need us. We come to you.
  • Mentorship

    We train our staff to be strong mentors and to form solid, lasting bonds with their students, using test prep and academics as a context for a broader mentorship.
  • Personalized instruction

    We don’t have a one-size fits all approach. We start each course of test prep with a baseline assessment, and then tailor a specific test prep plan based on each student’s particular needs.
  • Middle school and high school entrance test prep

    Most other test prep companies only offer SAT prep or ACT prep. We also provide ISEE prep and SSAT prep, preparing your student for the best middle school or high school to advance their academic career.
  • Quality

    All of our staff also goes through our extensive in-house training and are well educated. Most have Master’s Degrees or higher, and many are full-time educators.
  • Experience

    Our curriculum is based on over a decade of private tutoring experience and best practices.
  • Effectiveness

    We have long list of satisfied clients with testimonials covering improved scores, improved confidence, and good admissions track records.

I want to sign my student up. What happens next?

We'll meet with your family for a consultation in order to get an idea of your student's academic background, school choices, and any special needs/accommodations they have for learning (e.g., if they have AD/HD). We also gauge the student’s personality and interests. Then we'll match them with a tutor based on matching personalities and availability.