Executive Function training

It doesn't take very long after graduating, when a student stops being a student and goes out into the "real world" to figure out that learning academic content isn't enough to excel, let alone to distinguish themselves. This is when skills such as time management and organization can be the difference between success and stagnation.

That's why it's important to us to not only tutor students academically, but to mentor them in Executive Function training.

We have the tools for training executive functions in children. When they leave our program, they will have the confidence and motivation to make the most of themselves and their life.

What are executive functions?

Executive functions are the cognitive abilities to perform certain tasks, that is to say, they are quite literally the brain's ability to process incoming information, form new ideas, check that feedback against past experiences, and then project into the future to make a decision about how to act in the present.

Skills that fall under executive functions include, but aren't limited to:

  • Planning/organization
  • Motivation/initiative
  • Self regulation/inhibition
  • Time management
  • Concentration
  • Task completion
  • Error checking/reflection

What is executive function training?

In short, Executive Function training is tutoring a person how to best utilize their executive functions, especially in the face of learning impediments (e.g., ADD/ADHD). Most people probably wish there was executive function training for adults, but executive function training children is going to be the most effective.

That's because the brain is still developing, and building new neurological pathways to develop particular methods of thinking is much easier than as an adult.

My student doesn't have ADD/ADHD. Why is Executive Function brain training important for them?

The idea that a student should be tutored in either academic content or Executive Function training is flawed, and it is a mistake to believe that only students with learning disabilities can benefit from Executive Function brain training.

Instead, we focus on a process-based approach to education in which teaching kids how to learn is just as important as instructing them in content. We teach organization skills, study skills, and tools and strategies to be successful not just in the classroom, but in life. Thus, we have a proprietary curriculum that utilizes academics as a context in which to teach executive functioning skills and strategies to children.

Why should I choose Third Space Mentors?

  • Convenience

    Our academic coaching and executive function training are provided in-home or wherever you need us. We always come to you.
  • Unique

    There are not many other tutoring service providers in the area, and none of them are offering in-home services or executive function training for children.
  • Evidence

    It is through strategies developed with a learning specialist and then validated in the classroom, as well as more than a decade of in-home education, that have allowed us to develop the processes by which we train our tutors.
  • Quality

    All of our staff also goes through our extensive in-house training and are knowledgeable in education or psychology. Most have Master’s Degrees or higher, and many are full-time educators with practical experience in our strategies.
  • Personalized

    We never use a one-size fits all approach. We start each student's program with a baseline assessment, and then tailor a plan based on each student’s particular needs.
  • Mentorship

    We train our staff to be strong mentors who will engender solid, lasting bonds with their students, using academics as the basis for broader mentorship and EF training.
  • Results

    We have many satisfied clients with testimonials discussing improved grades, higher confidence, better organization and self-management skills, and good admissions track records.

I've decided to sign my student up. What happens next?

We'll meet with you for an initial consultation and to meet your student. This is so we can assess both your student's academic background and school choices, as well as any special needs/accommodations they may have (e.g., if they have ADD/ADHD). We also gauge the student’s personality and interests. Then we'll match them with a tutor that suits their needs and personality based on availability. The tutor will develop a plan that integrates executive function brain training with academic content specifically for your child, and will meet with you regularly.