Whether your student has a learning disability or simply wants to expand their academic horizons and excel a little more distinctively, academic coaching and tutoring can elevate and enhance their skills. Personal attention is often the key, especially in an individualized environment with special focus on how your student learns.

We provide what most other tutoring companies don't — Mentorship. We want to provide a tutor that can build a real relationship with your student that can last, especially during academic transitions such as moving from middle school to high school, or from high school to college.

What we offer

Our program utilizes a proprietary curriculum that supports a wide range of academic subjects. We don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach. The tutor assigned to your student develops an individualized plan to meet their needs specifically as well as to accommodate any learning deficiencies.

This makes academic coaching the context for a mentoring relationship.

We also utilize an aspect of tutoring that most academic coaching services don't — Executive Function (EF) training. Other services separate EF from academic tutoring, but we believe that by creating a synergistic tutoring method, we enhance the student's ability to learn as well as their confidence.

Essentially, we focus on a process-based approach to education, teaching students how to learn as much as instructing them in academic content. We teach organization skills, study skills, and tools and strategies to be successful not just in the classroom, but in life.

Why choose Third Space Mentors?

  • Convenience

    Unlike most other academic coaching services, our academic coaching and tutoring services are provided in-home or wherever you need us. We always come to you.

  • Team work

    The best environment for learning is a supportive one, and our tutors strengthen that by meeting regularly with you (the parents) to provide comprehensive session reports.

  • Mentorship

    We train our staff to be strong mentors who can form solid, lasting bonds with their students, using academics as the basis for broader mentorship and EF training.

  • Personalized instruction

    We never use a one-size fits all approach. We start each student's academic coaching with a baseline assessment, and then tailor a plan based on each student’s particular needs.

  • Quality

    All of our staff also goes through our extensive in-house training and are well educated. Most have Master’s Degrees or higher, and many are full-time educators with practical experience in our strategies. We also pay our staff 50% above the market rate to recruit and retain the very best people.

  • Experience

    Our proprietary curriculum was co-developed with a learning specialist and is based on over a decade of private tutoring experience and best practices.

  • Effectiveness

    We have long list of satisfied clients with testimonials covering improved grades, improved confidence, better organization and self-management skills, and good admissions track records.

I've decided to sign my student up. What happens next?

We'll meet with you and your family for an initial consultation in order to get assess your student's academic background and school choices, and to evaluate any special needs/accommodations they may have for learning (e.g., if they have AD/HD). We also gauge the student’s personality and interests. Then we'll match them with a tutor that suits their personality based on availability.

We aim to ensure effective coaching through true mentorship, and that means placing them with a tutor who can build a lasting relationship with your student.