Our Vision & Mission

Third Space was founded by Adam Trainor and Tom Opp, who came together around a vision of mentoring young people through academics. Adam and Tom bring to bear a combined 15 years experience in private education to lead a talented staff of academic mentors with strong backgrounds as both teachers and tutors. Our name, Third Space, speaks directly to our mission: in conjunction with parents and school teachers, as academic mentors we offer another critical level of support in our students’ lives. In other words, we provide a “third space” for students to work, grow, and thrive.

How We Stand Out


While our mentors command a broad range of academic levels and topics, we do not claim to cater to “all subjects & all grades,” as many regional tutoring companies do. Instead, we focus strongly on executive function training for students grades 4-12, a challenging time for many children as they rapidly transition from elementary-to-middle school, and then middle-to-high-school. These transition periods test students’ time management, organizational, and study skills, allowing our mentors a prime opportunity to implement and reinforce new, more effective systems. (For more information on our focal areas, click here for our Services page).

Premier Service

At Third Space, we come to you. No need to spend hours driving to and from a learning center or other off-site location, especially in Boston’s world-famous rush hour traffic. Your convenience and comfort are paramount, which is why we’re happy to conduct in-home sessions. We also communicate regularly with you, the mothers and fathers, through comprehensive session reports, as well 10-minute in-person debriefings following each session.

Not Just Tutors, but Mentors

As the term “academic mentor” suggests, we wish to provide our students with more than just subject-specific tutoring. Our staff is hand picked for their academic prowess, certainly, also their life experiences through travel, volunteer work, and especially youth mentoring.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

On my laptop, I have two discrete post-it notes: ‘Keep It Simple’ and ‘Make a Plan’. As with many of Adam’s teachings, these reminders cut to the heart of hard things, and give me a practice to follow when I falter. Quite literally, in this case: if my eye repeatedly wanders up from my work, am I making the start too complex? Keep it simple: simplify the start, eliminate distractions, work fifteen minutes more then break; etc. If I am at a loss for how to proceed, am I working from a plan? Make or refine a plan: assess the facts, articulate & source my feelings, decide on actions, adjust my calendar accordingly, communicate as needed.

‘Make a plan, and hold yourself accountable to it.’ I could cover my entire laptop with things I’ve learned from Adam and not touch on all the practices and meanings I’ve come to associate with following through on them, but I don’t need to: after working with him for several months these kinds of little cues are enough.

As someone who tutors herself, I can say with confidence that Adam is an outstandingly skilled & effective executive function coach. He models what he coaches: he is kind and patient without shying from the hard stuff; he is reliable, organized, and consistently oriented toward ensuring the priorities for a particular session are met; he pays attention to context, and helps his students understand (and feel empowered to work with) lifestyle factors that impact their performance; and he always ties more complex goals and practices back to the basics that enable them. I came to him struggling with personal & professional time management, and an incipient work project beyond the scope of what I knew how to plan for; I came away with a raise and the tools to build on it. I cannot recommend his services and example highly enough.

— Jane N.

“My daughter, Caroline, had an excellent experience working with Adam in preparation for the SSAT.  He was extremely professional and had a comprehensive plan to prepare her in the time we had available.  His thorough knowledge of the SSAT and the different strategies to employ helped our daughter achieve an excellent score.  She  became so much more familiar with the test which only increased her confidence.   In addition, Adam was very personable and Caroline found him very easy to work with.  We are very happy we worked with Adam and would highly recommend him to anyone needing a tutor.”
Jessica P.

“Adam tutors our daughter in in Spanish, Chemistry, and Geometry.  He is extremely knowledgeable in each of these subjects, and has consistently helped her by explaining concepts and helping her prepare for tests.  Our daughter’s grades have improved since she started working with Adam, and she now asks to have him come and help her whenever she feels she needs it.   Adam is a genuinely kind, intelligent person, and always a pleasure to have in our home. “

“Adam came to work with our three children ages 13, 11 and 10 this past Fall when we chose to apply all three of them to private school.  He would arrive at our house on time, with a smile, each week and the kids really looked forward to working with him. He taught them useful tips and strategies which definitely helped their confidence in the required tests and their overall results.  Our oldest improved her SSAT score by 25%   We felt he went the extra distance to really understand their individual learning styles and it has made all the difference.  We are most grateful for Adam’s support in this process.”

– Sheila M. Hingham, MA

“Adam made ISEE prep for our son something he looked forward to each week, not dread.  Adam has such a pleasant way about him, and our son looked forward to working with Adam each week.  Adam’s pleasant demeanor, and effective way of teaching and explaining things helped him tremendously.  In addition to teaching vocabulary, math formulas, synonym, reading comprehension, and test taking strategies, Adam helped our son with essay writing techniques and interviewing skills as well.  Adam also helped our son to make a calendar and schedule so that he could best use his time to complete school work, ISEE work, sports and down time.  Our son’s scores on the ISEE were certainly a result of the time he spent working with Adam.”