3 Ways Your Working Memory Might Be Sabotaging You

Your working memory is constantly busy.  It’s always taking in new information, attempting to process and then store it – all while trying to retrieve and link new data with existing files in your brain.  Honestly, your working memory is busier than you’ll ever realize.  And, sometimes it makes mistakes.  That’s normal when you’re overloaded with stimuli and things to do.  But, if your working memory is tripping you up, you’ve got to do something about it.

Just How Does Your Working Memory Cause Chaos?

There are plenty of ways that your working memory gets in the way of, well, getting things done.  These are just three of those ways – but they’re biggies.  And if they’ve been troubling you, now you’ll know what needs to happen to get you past that.

Forgetting What You’ve Been Told – You’re certain you’ll remember when you get in the car, see your friends, get to the library or get home.  But, then you forget.  It happens to everyone, but it happens more frequently when you’re battling working memory development (or too many stimuli).  That phrase “in one ear and out the other” should have just come into mind if this is your source of trouble.

Making Impulsive Decisions – Of course it seems like a good idea to meet up with your friends, you’ve done all your homework already, right?  Except when you’ve forgotten that you’ve got an exam on Monday then it’s not a great idea to spend the whole weekend at a sleepover.  If you’re not relating current temptations to your responsibilities or existing knowledge, you’ll probably make (more than) a few impulsive mistakes.

Losing Things – Ever put your phone on silent and then walk away to do something else?  And then?  You can’t find it when you need it without spending time searching for it.  This can happen with anything from school supplies to your keys.  And, losing anything can be a real pain, especially when you’re in a hurry.

What Can You Do about Working Memory Sabotage?

For a start, you can accept that it’s totally normal – but it’s not going to help you to ignore it.  You’ve got to adopt strategies to deal with lapses.  And, fortunately, these aren’t too difficult.  You can get started with these now.  Here’s what you need to do.

It’s about Doing It Now – Whenever you’re told to do something, take action.  If it’s something you can do straight away, then get up and do it.  If it’s an assignment, write it down and set a reminder (on your phone, your watch, or tie a string around your finger).

Make Lists and Schedule Your Days – Get in the habit of scheduling your days and creating to-do lists.  It’ll cut down on all those mistakes you make impulsively.  And, don’t just write things down, check your lists compulsively.

Cut the Clutter – Make a space for everything and keep everything in its place.  Not only will this cut down on the distractions that are tiring to your working memory, but you’ll also stop losing things every other day.  As a bonus, you’ll probably also get through homework faster when your work area is always tidy.

Still struggling?  It might be time to give us a call.  Working memory is too important to ignore – and we can help.